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I was recently provided with an opportunity through Moms Meet to introduce my friends to Door to Door Organics. We had a sampling party and had a lot of fun, but I just thought I’d blog about it as well, so you all could experience it too. I received a credit to Door to Door Organics in order to sample it, but that credit did not come with conditions that I must enjoy it or think positively of it. 

Door to Door Organics provides fresh, organic produce and local, natural groceries delivered to your house weekly or bi-weekly. They’re committed to providing Good Food straight to your door, and they have a whole list of ingredients that you will never find in the foods they sell.

First off, let’s start with their site. I find their site extremely easy to use. I mean, part of that is the fact that I am internet savvy, but I feel even if I wasn’t it would be easy to use. I love how customizable everything is. They have several different box sizes, so you can pick the box size that’s right for you and it’s easy to change the size at any time. You can also sub up to 5 things in your box with things you’d rather have, which I find extremely helpful! You may or may not know this, but I am somewhat of a picky eater. I have gotten a lot better as an adult, but I can only handle trying so many new things at a time, so it’s nice to have that flexibility to swap things out. You can also add produce you love or produce you want to never see to your preferences, in case you have allergies or things you just absolutely hate.

For my get together, I picked the medium box. You have until 12 pm the day before it arrives to change your box and you better believe that I changed it a million and one times – ha! I just couldn’t decide – there are so many options. On the day when your box arrives, it comes in a bright yellow van and the delivery person was very nice. It was so exciting! Even though I knew everything that was in it, I still felt like a kid at Christmas.


Contents of my box. Everything pictured is from the medium box, except the raspberries and the bread I added on extra.

Contents of my box. Everything pictured is from the medium box, except the raspberries and the bread I added on extra.

Then came the day of my party! I turned the zucchini into zucchini bread, the avocado into guacamole, the lettuce into a salad, and the rainbow chard I sautéed with some garlic and parmesan on the advice of the internet.

Our Spread

Our Spread

I have to say, I was extremely impressed by the quality, as I think was everyone. I tried new things – which is a big step for me – and liked it all (except maybe the grapefruit, but I don’t know if there was anything you could do to grapefruit to make me like it – haha – but other people liked it). But the pear and the kiwi were perfectly ripe and the rainbow chard was amazing. I could definitely see adding that to pasta. The lettuce had great flavor too and that bread was awesome. You could really tell in just everything you ate that it was quality. As I said to Nick, these are the most beautiful zucchini and they baked into bread excellently as well.

Overall, I was definitely very pleased with it. The quality was great and the service was great as well. I could order from them again with confidence knowing that the produce will be high quality and carefully packed and delivered with care. And it got this picky eater to try new fruits and vegetables.

I can offer you a code for $15 dollars off your first box! If you’d like this, leave your e-mail address in the comments and I’ll send you an e-mail so it generates a code unique to you. If you do this, I’ll also get a $15 dollar credit, but don’t do it just because of me. Only do it if you’re really interested in it! Also if you check out their Facebook page, now (through the end of today) they have a code for 51% off your first box. Also, if you have any questions about my experience or how it works that I didn’t answer, feel free to leave those in the comments as well!

You can find Door to Door Organics at their website, twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

This Is Love

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“A brother is a friend given by nature.” – Legouve

Yesterday had some rough moments. There was lots of not listening and bad decision-making and tears and I don’t mean just with my kids either. It was rough all around.

But when things are feeling rough, I just have to look and remember how blessed I am. God is good all the time and all the time God is good.*

And one of the ways I feel so blessed is that I have these two little boys who not only love me so very much, but they also love each other abundantly.


I have a million examples I could give you, from the way Dominic always wants to know where Allen is and what he is doing and how he cares about what he needs when he’s crying. How he wants to hug him and say good morning and good night to him and how he asks to hold him almost every day. The way he wants Allen to come over to his toys so Allen can watch and play with him. The way Allen smiles at him when he sees him. The way Allen loves to watch whatever Dominic is doing.


I think the best example I have of this happened last week. I buckled Allen in his car seat first and Dominic had gotten distracted by something in the garage and so while I was trying to convince Dominic to get in the car, Allen started crying. As soon as I got Dominic in his car seat, Allen looked over at Dominic and stopped crying.


I just think when I look at them, this is love. I can see it in their interactions. Dominic is always so gentle with Allen and even when Allen may whack him in the face excitedly, he doesn’t get upset or anything. I am truly blessed for having Allen in my life also, but I just can’t believe how much having Allen around has blessed Dominic in his life. I always hoped they would be close when they were older, but I never imagined that such closeness could start when Allen was still so little. After all, it is hard sometimes for adults to connect with babies who can’t talk yet and who don’t do a lot. And in the beginning, Dominic just ignored him, wanted nothing to do with him. But now? There is just so much love and it fills my heart to bursting.


People always wonder how you can love your second kid as much as your first. That love just grows I tell you, that love just grows.


*Yes, I watched God’s Not Dead earlier today. That line stuck with me.

Pray for Tunisia

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I don’t know if you heard what happened last week in Tunisia. There was a horrible terrorist attack, where gunmen kill 23 people (at the time of writing – when I originally started this post, the death toll was smaller) and injured almost 50 people at the National Bardo Museum when two gunmen opened fire. The people were from all over the world – many of the victims were tourists, who didn’t call Tunisia their home.

The attack was meant to spark fear in the heart of people and to keep people away from Tunisia. I will say I didn’t know much about Tunisia before this attack, other than that it is a country in northern Africa, but I’ve since learned that tourism is a big part of their economy (15% of their GDP)*. And in a way, the terrorists are winning, as several cruise lines have taken Tunisia off their stops.

But social media is fighting back, with the hashtag #IWillCometoTunisia. People from all over the world are pledging to visit and saying that they are not afraid. And while I don’t know that I will visit Tunisia – limited funds and limited time here – I wouldn’t hesitate to go if someone offered me a completely paid for trip. Because I am not afraid to visit Tunisia.

What I can do though, is pray for Tunisia.

I can pray for the families who have lost a member of their family, that they would know God’s comfort and love during this horrible time.

I can pray for the injured people, that they would heal, both physically and emotionally.

I can pray a prayer of thankfulness for those who were not injured, like the Spanish couple and their unborn child, found hiding in a closet.

I can pray for the country, that they would be able to come together and find healing after an attack on their shore and that this attack would not harm their economy.

I can pray for the police, that God would help them do their jobs to the best of their ability and to catch anyone else who was involved in this attack, that future attacks might be prevented.

I can pray for the terrorists. Not the two who are already dead, but the ones who are at large and the ones who helped in the planning. The ones who are watching. I can pray that they might reconsider the lives they are leading and reconsider the way they are hurting people.

I can pray for the world, that we would learn to stand strong and united, and learn to live in peace.

Like I said, I can’t promise I will visit. But I can pray to my almighty heavenly Father.

And I can tell you this. I am not afraid. The terrorists do not get to win over me.


P. S. You should also read this article, Tunisia is Still a Success

101 in 1001: Organize my homeschool/art/etc supplies

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I am SO excited to have this project done from my 101 in 1001 list. I have had it mostly done for a few weeks, but it wasn’t all the way done yet. Well, last night I finished it up. I can’t tell you how nice it is to know where everything is and be able to find it quickly when we need it or for a spur of the moment project. Before it was all in bags and boxes and I had to dig through stuff and couldn’t find it. But now, everything has a home and I can find it all so easily. Special shout out to Annalies who helped me with the majority of this project, partially because she loves me and partially because it was all over the bed she needed to sleep on when she visited. Ha!

So now, without further ado – pictures!

I swear I took a before picture but I can’t find it now. If I find it later, I’ll come back and add it to this post so you can see how bad it was.


This hutch is upstairs. It mainly holds paper and containers. Not pictured, the bottom because it’s empty, though Dominic likes to hide in the bottom or put toys in there or hide toys in there. (Like his fire truck that I was looking for FOREVER and then one day he’s just like here’s the fire truck. It was in the hutch. Apparently I don’t think like a 2-year-old because I never looked there lol.


This dresser is packed full! I put the butterfly runner up there to give it a bit of extra color (I got that at a friend’s baby shower and it doesn’t get used nearly often enough – it’s beautiful and now this way it gets way more use). And of course, up there is our Tardis poster. Over on the side too you can see our pom-pom bucket and our crayon bucket.IMG_1692

The top drawer is mostly my stuff more than the kids’, it includes my craft projects as well as envelopes. Not pictured over on the side is our box of 1000 craft sticks haha. It’s a lot.

IMG_1693The second drawer from the top mainly has our Play-Doh, stickers, stamps, and tubes. And yes, if you were wondering, I save anything that could be used in an art project later, which is why I have so many tubes (believe it or not there was more at one point) and so many egg cartons. Not pictured, our pipe cleaners.


Mainly paints of various kinds, paper plates, and various kinds of tape.

IMG_1695This bottom drawer is the activity drawer. Activity books, ideas I’ve cut out of magazines, things we’ve made that can be used in activities (like the rainbow box), etc. A catch-all for a lot of things. I have a few of these upstairs in Dominic’s desk (where I also keep the coloring books and magazines that we can cut out of) and periodically change them out, giving him access to new activities, but not giving him access to all the things as once.


Isaiah 53:5


God in His great mercy freely gave us salvation, but let us not forget it came at a terribly great cost to His son, who bore the punishment that ought to have been ours. Thank you Jesus.


Geeky Homeschool Poster #1: Our Other Schoolroom is a TARDIS

A while back I got the idea to create some homeschool posters with different geeky inspired sayings. Well, I finally made the first one! It may not be the best ever since it’s my first one, but I’m pretty proud of it. I had to tweak it a couple of times, but I’m really satisfied with the way it turned out. It’s in JPEG format so you can feel free to make it whatever size you’d like. Here’s a picture preview of it and under that you will see a link to download it. This is for personal use only, but feel free to share the link to this post with others :)


Our Other Schoolroom is a TARDIS (72 downloads )

Should Congress Members Use E-mail?


So I ran across this pretty scathing editorial in the Washington Post, decrying Senators that don’t use e-mail. This, apparently, makes them out of touch.

And you know what, I would agree that some members of Congress are out of touch with your average American. But I don’t think using e-mail would make them anymore in touch. No, they are out of touch because of where they come from and the lives they lead. Using e-mail wouldn’t suddenly make them in touch with the family struggling to put food on the table or the mom facing the tough decision of having to return to work after only six weeks since maternity leave in the US is atrocious or the homeless person  spending the night on the street. This is not to say that there aren’t good members of Congress out there – there are certainly plenty. But there also are those who are very out of touch with what the American people want.

And because the other part of the thing is that I don’t care how they communicate. I know they have offices full of staffers helping them interact with the public, who answer phones, read e-mails, and talk to people. And since when did e-mail become the best thing for communication ever on the face of the earth? I will be honest, I read and check my e-mail all the time, but I am probably the worst when it comes to replying to e-mail. I always put it off and then it becomes the thing where so long has passed that it’s awkward to reply so then you don’t reply. Yeah, it’s a bad habit. That’s not my point – my main point actually is that things written in e-mail can be hard sometimes to discern the tone or the real meaning of things. There’s no facial expressions or body language. It may be a quick form of communication, but that doesn’t make it the best form of the communication.

Besides that, some people are slow typists. For them, e-mail may not be an efficient mode of communication. If someone would rather handwrite or pick up a phone or -gasp- talk to someone face to face, why should that be frowned upon? I am 100 percent positive they all have staffers who help them do their work and communicate with the public. It shouldn’t be such a horrible thing if they don’t use e-mail. It’s just e-mail.

What do you think?

Life Update March 11


I don’t know if I mentioned this in the last update, in fact, I was pretty sure I hadn’t because at the time (I think) it wasn’t 100 percent set in stone yet, but Nick has a new job. He seems to enjoy it a lot, even if it keeps him busy, and the hours are a lot better. Even working overtime almost every week at his new job, he still gets to come home and see his kids every night and it’s been a lot less stressful around our house because of his new job. It is a huge blessing and I am so, so grateful for it.



I don’t think a lot is new in my life. I mean, it is and it isn’t. Most of my new stuff revolves around my kids and so that it goes under there. But for me, not a lot changes. I wake up and I take care of the kids and I blog and I read and I live my life. Nick and I did go on a date to Dave and Busters for the first time earlier this week so that was a lot of fun. Neither of us had ever been so it was a completely new experience.



Dominic surprises me more and more every day by the ways he grows and changes. It is an incredible thing to grow a baby within your body, to birth that child and then to watch them grow up into their own person. Nothing I know compares to that. He is so talkative and while sometimes he can be too rough, he is also very kind and sweet and gentle. He is generally very considerate of his baby brother. He loves to go say good morning to Allen and hug him and tell me all about him. This is not to say he is without challenges, tantruming and not listening are more often than I’d like par for the course, but he is also sweet and wonderful and amazing which helps me get through the rough parts. He loves maps and whenever we get one he will study it for days afterwards. He loves to read books and he is learning so much. He knows the letter sounds for a, g, x, and z and he can recognize the word “of” which I wasn’t even trying to teach him. Ha! I try really hard not to brag on my kid most of the time, but he truly amazes me and I am really quite blessed to be his mom.



I am super blessed to be this little guy’s mom as well. He is such a giggly and smily baby. Right now it’s 9:41 and I wish he was sleeping because I’m so tired, but overall he is a good sleeper so I can’t complain. He sits really well and can roll from front to back, but he can’t yet roll from back to front. He has two teeth, which I absolutely can not believe and he’ll be 5 months next week. He is such a natural part of our family that it’s hard to think back to life when we were just three. He was sick last week (pink eye plus a cold with a fever), but he’s doing a lot better. Dominic was never sick when he was this little so it was hard and it’s even harder when you feel like there’s nothing you can do.


Elegant Chicken and Noodles Receipe

Tried a new recipe tonight and it was pretty good! I changed quite a few things though, so I don’t even know if it counts as the originally recipe anymore haha. But I liked it and so did Nick, his mom, and Annalies. Admittedly, this is the kind of casserole I was programmed to love – noodle based. But it came together easily, would be the perfect to use up leftovers, and is a crowd pleaser. If you don’t count the fact that Dominic wouldn’t try it haha. But that’s toddlers for you. It does have cream of celery and you can taste the celery flavor, so if you don’t like celery, I’d definitely recommend using a different creamed soup.



Elegant Chicken and Noodles

Adapted from Favorite Recipes of Lutheran Ladies: Casseroles, Including Breads

Recipe submitted by Mrs. Allen Schroeder, Immanuel Ladies Aid, Fergus Falls, MN


1 tablespoon Wildtree’s Absolutely Onion blend (can also use minced onion)

1 can condensed cream of celery soup

1/2 cup milk

1 1/2 cup medium wide egg noodles, cooked and drained

1 cup cubed chopped cooked chicken

2 tablespoons diced roasted red pepper


Combine all ingredients. Stir well but gently. Dump into 1 1/2 quart casserole. Bake at 375 for 30 minutes.

That’s it! See how simple it is? It’s definitely easy to throw together, easy to use leftover chicken (if you have any), and a crowd pleaser. :)



Conversations with Dominic – March 5th, 2015


This is one of the periodic conversations that I have with Dominic about these pictures. I’ll be in purple and he’ll be in the regular black. IMG_1500


Look! A picture of Dominic holding Allen!

What do you think of Allen?

I don’t know.

Is he your brother?


Do you love him?


What do you like to do with your brother?

Play with him on the mat. He might be in his bedroom, in his swing. Right mom?

That’s right. 

What are you doing in this picture?

Holding Allen

Are you giving him a kiss?



What do you see in this picture?

Painting. Like right there, that’s where I paint.

Do you like to paint?


What did you paint?

A man

You painted a man?

And letters. But letters.

IMG_1505What do you see in this picture?

Painting again.

What else do you know about painting? 

I don’t know. What do you think?

I think that you like to paint

What do you think?

I think that you have fun when you paint.

Did we read about any painters?


What painter did we read about?

Claude Monet!

And what did he like to paint?


Do you remember?

What mom?

He painted the water lilies right?

Yeah! Where’s Annalies, mom?

She’s in the basement, she’ll be up soon. Thanks for your help.



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