Size Two? Too Fat

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It was one of those he said, she said cases. Or rather, she said, she said. And I know this is a little old and I want to work on new issues as well, but sometimes I just want to say stuff about things that have already happened.

But there were some facts involved. Domonique Ramirez won Miss San Antonio. She was then subsequently fired and a new beauty queen reinstated.

The reason she claims she was fired? For being too fat. Which they denied, but then yet testified that bikini photos they took of her where she gained so much weight were so bad that they couldn’t be used. They also say she was tardy, but still, they testified this part in a court of law.

She sued and subsequently won and was reinstated.

Those are the facts.

And Domonique? You can see pictures of her here.

First of all, does she look fat to you? Because she sure doesn’t to me. And even if she was fat, would that make her any less beautiful? Why do we continue to base our beauty on such narrow standards that no one, not even this girl, is skinny enough? Beauty comes from the inside and instead, we’ve made it all about this unattainable outside. Our beauty standards are out of reach to most women. When we tell women they aren’t beautiful, we also tell them x product will make them beautiful. We put women down, to sell beauty. It’s ridiculous and it needs to stop. We need to start recognizing women, all women, as beautiful. Because really, every woman is beautiful. We are all beautiful for our own unique reasons.

As I’ve probably said before, I’m against beauty pageants. This is just another reason why. We need to redefine beauty if it’s not already too late. Being pretty is not all it’s cracked up to be. 

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