15 Year Old Girl Goes to MIT

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I think that in order to promote the rights of women, it is important to also celebrate their achievements.

That’s why I’d like to bring to your attention Jennifer Tilton, who at 15 will be starting at MIT in the fall. I think starting at MIT for anyone so young is an accomplishment, but it makes it especially an accomplishment that she is a woman. Because men have traditionally dominated the science and math fields, Jennifer’s accomplishment is to be even more celebrated. This girl is so incredibly gifted, her SAT scores in math and physics were perfect. Not exceptional. Perfect. I think that it will only go up from here. I think that Jennifer will go on to do great things.

A round of applause Jennifer – can’t wait to see what is going to be next for you after MIT.

MIT Campus

Source: Suncoast’s super student, 15, already heading to MIT

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