Barbie: (Almost) Life Sized

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I think that seeing this life size Barbie is really important. And I think realizing that Barbie, while not the only factor, does play a role is important. And I dunno, I don’t like Mattel’s statement on the whole thing that she wasn’t modeled on a real person. I mean, of course she’s not modeled on an exact real person, but she’s clearly not modeled after a dog or a cat or anything else. And I mean clearly they decided for a reason to give her super big boobs and to make her have a super skinny waist. I mean, they didn’t decide these things in a vacuum. They did it for a reason. The question is what reason? Did they do it to make us want to look like Barbie? I mean you have all kinds of Barbie – Barbie can do anything. Why not aspire to be like Barbie?

Barbie isn’t solely responsible, but so many girls play with her and how she looks is going to weigh in on things. I mean, I can’t help but know that I always noticed when I was a kid and I started developing I wanted big breasts. Hmmm. Maybe my sister was onto something when she started to pop the heads off of all my Barbies.

Update: I have since learned, that while parts of this Barbie are proportional, not every part of her is proportional (I did some looking after I was questioned about it by people with keener eyes than I have who can tell proportions). From this article, “She based her numbers on the book “Body Wars” by Dr. Margo Maine, and readily admits the doll’s head, hands and some other features are not to scale.”

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