Sexual Assault Gets Old

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It seems like there is never a rest from sexual assault sometimes and it makes me so sick. Why is it that men feel this is acceptable to do? I know it is not the fault of women, because they are never at fault. Places they go to that they expect to be safe turn out to be completely sketchy. We need to start standing up and saying, this is wrong. Men and women need to say this is wrong. We need to create a culture where people don’t even think about this. Because it seems to be everywhere.

I know this is an older story, but in this news story, it was a licensed doctor who was running a weight loss clinic. Some of the stuff he did was pretty sick and I know would traumatize me. Only click on it if you can handle it.

This is what I’m talking about – it should not be so lightly punished an stigmatized that doctors do it. It makes me really sad, because okay, I don’t like doctors, but at least doctors should be upstanding people. But this clearly shows that you can’t trust any kind of person not to sexually assault people.

It’s time to make our culture one where sexual assault is unacceptable everywhere for everyone.

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