Changing My Blog Name?

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I know this might not be a real post, but I’ve been thinking a bit lately about whether or not I should change the name of my blog. Right now it’s Women, Women Everywhere, but I’ve been wondering maybe if I should drop one of the womens and make it just Women Everywhere. Or, alternatively, I could make Every Woman Everywhere. Or Writing on Women? Or possibly there’s some other suggestions that I haven’t even thought of?

I hope someday to move to my own domain, so in sort of anticipation of that, I want to have a name done and settled on. So I guess this is the part where I look for your feedback. Do you like my name currently? Do you like any of the other suggestions? Do you have blog name suggestions?

I know this is just me asking and not really giving you any content, but I promise I will be back to give you some content tomorrow.


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