The Screening of Sex Offenders

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You may remember awhile back that announced they were going to start screening sex offenders. This was not out of their good will, but out of a lawsuit. This woman was sexually assaulted on a date and then sued Unlike most lawsuits though, she wasn’t asking for money – just for to have this screening process.

And to be honest, I think this screening process is a great idea. The internet has made it easier in so many ways, I think, for predators to find prey because they can convince people they are someone they are not. I think this is a reasonable measure that protects women. And I mean, I don’t think that women should look at it and think that all guys on there are good, they should have a reasonable level of awareness that just because someone passed a criminal background check doesn’t mean they are a good person. Women should always use a level of common sense but I think actions like this really help more than they hurt because they will be weeding out people who have been convicted and proven to do this for sure. That’s certainly better than nothing at all.


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