Being Female in the Recording Industry

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I read this article and I’m still not sure what to think. It seems like a really big mixed bag. On the one hand, they say that being a woman doesn’t effect their careers, which is great, because especially in a male-dominated industry, like the recording industry, it is a rarity. Plus, it means that women are seen on more equal footing. In fact, other people seem to treat it like it’s cool (which it is). And they say sexism doesn’t exist . . .

But . . . one of the panelists said, “Just don’t get pregnant.” So wait, there’s no sexisim, but would you ever give that advice to a man? Would you ever say to a man, “Just don’t have children?” Now I understand that women do the actual physical work of being pregnant and having the baby, but I think statements like those put women in hard positions. Where they have to chose between having a family or having a career. And should women have to choose that? Why aren’t men ever put in that position to choose between having a family or having a career?

There is nothing wrong with a woman who wants to work and also have a family. The workforce shouldn’t penalize her because she wants to have a family. It doesn’t penalize men in the same way.


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