Counting to 1000 Gifts: #1-10

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So, I have heard of this book called One Thousand Gifts and while I haven’t read it yet (though I’m hoping we’ll do it for our women’s Bible study, after we finish our current book, Chazown) I understand the concept. I saw another blogger counting their 1000 gifts, so I thought that I would try too.

1. People who read my blog

2. A comfy couch

3. A warm robe

4. A nursing necklace

5. My church

6. Groceries

7. Donuts

8. The smile of a little guy

9. The morning news

10. The baby swing

What are you thankful for? Maybe you should start your own list!

Also, if you could take a second to vote, that would be great 🙂

Have a happy Monday!

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