Safe, Legal, and Rare

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Isn’t that the abortion advocates line? Safe, legal, and rare?

Well I can tell you first off that it isn’t that rare. Personally I know at least 5 people who had an abortion (or were the guy in an abortion situation). I have met at least three other people who had abortions (or were the guy in an abortion situation) who I don’t personally know. And these are just the ones I know of. That doesn’t seem very rare to me.

And what about safe? As I’ve mentioned before, abortion carries risks, both physical and psychological. It can even lead to death. Not just where it is illegal but in places where it is legal too. This blog post here talks about a few of those cases where legalized abortion resulted in death (though certainly not all).

So I guess in the end all they made it was legal. And that’s not something to celebrate at all.

I’ve written a lot on abortion and you can read one woman’s story, about forced abortions,  about abortion clinics covering up statutory rape, about abortion being used as a cover-up, about whether or not abortion should be a woman’s right, about a pro-choicer who became pro-life, and about who Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade was.

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