Foster Care, Adoption, and Older Kids

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I don’t know if you know this but I have long wanted to be a foster parent and/or adopt kids. It’s something I feel strongly about – that every kid deserves a loving home. And for some kids, it’s easier to find them homes than others. Many people are looking to adopt babies – older kids not so much. I was reading a newsletter from Adoption Resources of Wisconsin and I mean I had always been vaguely aware that it was harder for older kids to be adopted but I never realized just quite how hard it really is. Almost half (43%) of the kids waiting to find a permanent home are over age nine but almost three-quarters (72%) of adoptions are with kids under nine. And I look at these kids all the time. Adoption Resources of Wisconsin has a database and I look at it all the time. My heart wants to be a mom to these kids. But unfortunately a lot of them are just not a fit for our family. A lot of the kids would benefit from families where they are the youngest or only child and that’s not a reality for us right now. It is, however, my hope that Nick and I will be able to start the process of fostering kids when Dominic is a little older. He still needs me too much to add on another kid right now. But my heart longs to love these children and I hope someday we will be able to.

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