When a Pro-Choicer Becomes Pro-Life

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This is just a quick post and I know it’s an old story, but I love to read and share the stories of abortion workers who turn pro-life. I think it’s just so powerful to see someone who used to support and help with the performance of abortions to realize the error of their ways and change their views. I also think they’re valuable to read for two reasons. One, it helps us learn more about the real mentality of pro-choicers and of Planned Parenthood workers and etc. And two, because it can often provide insights about what techniques do and do not work in changing people’s hearts to be pro-life. So here’s a story for you to read about a former abortion worker who turned pro-life. Leave me your thoughts on it!

I’ve written a lot on abortion and you can read one woman’s story, about forced abortions,  about abortion clinics covering up statutory rape, about abortion being used as a cover-up, about whether or not abortion should be a woman’s right, about the safe, legal, and rare myth, and about who Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade was.

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