Coming Back From the Dead

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Imagine starving . . . to death. I mean I know we say sometimes that we are starving, but have you ever truly been starving? Lacking so much food that you barely even look alive? Chances are rare that you have been.

Been for many people around the world, this is or has been a reality. But hope is not lost. People are doing things to help those starving around the world. People are making a difference.

I saw this picture and it took me back. In a word it was shocking and also hopeful and wonderful and horrible all at once. Shocking that things could be so bad, I mean logically I know they can but in my head I don’t always realize it. Hopeful that he could heal so much. Wonderful that people are out there doing this work. Horrible that he had to go through this in the first place.

The work that is being done by the UNHCR and tons of non-profits and non-governmental organizations is saving lives and is so important. So many people have turned a blind eye to what is going on in these countries but it is so important to know.

So today, I am just asking you to share one photo on your Facebook timeline. Awareness is key. You can’t fix problems you know nothing about.

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