New Year’s Eve 2012

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Ahhh 2012. So many things happened this past year that I don’t even know how to sum it up. There’s the big, like celebrating 2 years of marriage, having a son, and attending several marriages among other things to the small like celebrating Thanksgiving with family, trying new recipes, and reading new books among other things.

I don’t really “do” resolutions, per to say. Mainly I can never think of good, quantifiable things to resolve. But I think I have three things that I want to do in the next year.

Read more.

While that’s true, it’s not a reality at this point, though I do love to review free books and I’ll continue to do that. And while this goal may seem “pointless” to those who know me, since I already do read a lot, I like to include it on here because I don’t want to forget to stop reading. It does so many things for me beyond just entertaining me. It makes me a better writer. It educates me. It’s a special time I get to spend with my son when I read to him. It connects me to my sister when we read and talk about the same things. I never want it to get pushed too far to the wayside, so I want to actively remember to read more.

Cook more.

This year I have tried so many new recipes. And yes, as with all new things, sometimes I have failed. But I have grown so much more confident in the kitchen. I have felt like the things I ate were healthier and tasted better. And I have felt like I was able to provide my husband with something to look forward to when he comes home. Cooking benefits my family and even far beyond that, since I often cook for church. I want to keep trying new recipes and keep cooking.

Love more. 

This one is big and encompassing. I want to love my son more and more every day and continue to work towards being the best mommy to him that I can be. I want to love my husband more and more every day and learn how to serve him better and be a better wife. I want to love my friends and family around me better, by finding ways to serve and to connect and by finding ways to spend more time with them. And lastly I want to love my community and the world, by serving those around me in my community and by working to stop injustices like human trafficking and domestic abuse, both at home and abroad.

All right, I think those sum up my goals. Vague but there you have it! Make sure to hold me accountable at the end of next year so I can tell you how I did. 😉 Happy 2013!


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