Liebster Award!

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Liebster Award

Hey! This is pretty cool! Steph over at Life in Little Hispaniola gave me the Liebster Award! Blog awards are pretty cool. There’s not really cash or prizes attached, but regardless, being appreciated is nice. It’s nice to have someone notice you.
The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.  The award is then passed along to other bloggers in the same category to help spread the word and support one another. What a fun way to get to know other bloggers!

If you receive a nomination, there are a few rules to follow:
1) Each blogger nominated must post 11 things about themselves.
2) Then answer the 11 questions the tagger has asked.
3) Blogger must then create 11 questions of their own to ask the bloggers they decide to nominate.
4) They must choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate and link them on their blog post.
5) Bloggers must be notified of their award!
6) No tag backs!

Okay so here are my 11 things about myself. These are kind of hard to come up with on the spot, but . . . here is goes!

1. I had a winter wedding.
2. I may have a slight obsession with candles.
3. I had my bachelorette party at a comedy club.
4. I like smores with Reese’s or Nutella better than with regular chocolate.
5. I’ve been pooped on by a bird once. Yes it was gross. And kind of horrifying.
6. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science (and writing) but I’m not a huge fan of US politics. I’d rather look at politics around the world.
7. I really love avocado but I didn’t realize it until I was an adult. Before that, I thought I hated it.
8. I’m semi-allergic to cats and dogs, but I had one cat (Pepper) and three dogs (Jesse, Sienna, and Collin) at different points in my childhood.
9. I wear glasses and have since the third grade. You probably knew this. What you didn’t probably know is that my glasses are currently broken (for the second time in the past year) and being held together by tape.
10. I have a large amount of tuna in my kitchen. Because I like it.
11. We are currently looking for a new place to live. It is not that fun but it’s life!

Now to answer Steph’s questions for me!

1. Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We actually never went on a honeymoon. I am a little sad about this some days, more so when I hear about other people’s awesome honeymoons, but for us we didn’t want to wait to be married with enough money and resources to take a honeymoon if it meant putting off the actual getting married part. That was more important to us. That being said, I’d love to take a trip someday just the two of us.
2. What is your favorite topic to blog about?
Hmmm, that is a very good question. I like it all. Haha that’s probably a cop-out answer. I guess if I HAD to pick one, I’d probably say I love the posts where I’m sharing something with other people. Like I find SO many cool things on the internet and I love it when I can share the things I find with people. I try not to post everything I find on my Facebook, which is hard, because I find so many cool things, so that’s why I blog about them.
3. What is your favorite dessert?
Oooo that’s a tough question. I love it all! But I guess I really love cupcakes of any kind. Especially funfetti. That is the best cake flavor.
4. How did you meet your husband?
Haha this is kind of complicated. The short answer is that a mutual friend introduced us. The long answer is that we were introduced over the internet by said mutual friend and then when I was home for Thanksgiving, he had come home with my mutual friend and we met in person while we were decorating my old high school’s library for Christmas.
5. How old were you when you got your first cell phone?
I think I was a senior in high school. It was tied to my first job.
6. Who is your favorite author?
Oooo tough question. So many good books. When I was a teenager, my favorite author was Lurlene McDaniel and now that I’m an adult, I would probably have to say Jodi Piccoult. Which even though she is my favorite author, she didn’t write my favorite book, but I can’t say that the author who wrote my favorite book is my favorite author. Ten points for you if you followed that.
7. What do you love most about your husband?
Oooo another tough question! So many tough questions. I think I love his ability to make me laugh even when I don’t want to laugh. It’s hard to stay upset when someone is making you laugh.
8. What was your favorite memory of 2012?
Hands down the birth of my son. No question.
9. Why do you blog?
So many reasons, I think. I’ve been blogging on and off for a long time, but only recently became more serious about it. I think I love to write and I love to share, and blogging combines those for me. I also like being able to add my voice to ongoing conversations on the internet. On top of that, blogging is kind of a way to have something for myself in being a stay at home mom. It engages the intellectual part of my brain that so needs it.
10. What is your favorite TV show?
Bones, without a doubt.
11. If you could move ANYWHERE in the world, where would you move, and why?
Oooo tough question. At first I was like, I love my city, I probably wouldn’t move or change it BUT I’d also really love to go move back to South Korea. I miss it and I think I meshed well with the culture and people and everything like that there.
Here are the questions I’m asking the bloggers I decide to nominate!
1. What was your favorite class in high school or college?
2. What is your favorite thing to cook?
3. Do you have a favorite magazine to read?
4. Are you allergic to anything?
5. Where is the best place you’ve ever driven to?
6. What is your favorite kind of fruit?
7. What is your worst habit?
8. What time do you go to bed on an average night?
9. Do you play any instruments?
10. Chess or checkers?
11. Favorite social network?
Here are the bloggers I’m nominating! Some of them are self-titled blogs, so I just put their links afterwards. It was hard finding 11 bloggers with blogs under 200 followers, because a lot of the blogs I read are pretty big.I know some of these people will probably not participate, but it’s my way of saying, I appreciate you and what you add to the blogoshepere.
1. De’Etta from Choosing Joy! 
2.Cheri from her website
3. Tanya from her website
4. Laura from Laura’s Soap Box
5. Lisa from Adventures in China
6. Christina from RealChoice
7. Susan from Corn and Oil
9. Blog Deleted
11. Kayleigh from A Million Little Somethings
So much fun! I hope you learn a little bit more about me and that you’ve enjoyed this! Also, that totally took me a LOT longer than I thought it would.


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