Dear Blank Please Blank – Feb. 11 Edition

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Dear Baby Clothes Makers,

Why do my baby’s clothes need real buttons? Have you ever tried to button real buttons on a squirmy nine month old?


Someone who thinks more snaps would be nice


Dear weather,

Please make up your mind. I could really do without this warm again cold again warm again thing.


Someone who gets way too hopeful that winter is over when it gets warm out


Dear Baby Teeth,

Please just come in all at once. Why do we have to drag this process out so long?


Teething sucks


Dear Parenting,

Nobody told me that you would be this hard. Or that not all of the answers would be easy answers. Or that this would be the single most rewarding and most challenging thing that I have ever done. Or maybe they did tell me and I didn’t understand. Either way, I thought I was prepared, but who is ever really prepared?


A first time mom


Dear blog readers, commenters, followers, etc.

You rock. Thank you for making me feel loved and appreciated and all that jazz. I love and appreciate every one of you. Just so you know.


A humble blogger


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