Culloo Review

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Name of book: Culloo

Author: Murielle Cyr

Summary (from Kobo): The Welfare Officer is knocking on TALA’s door again and her father isn’t home to answer. She only has a few hours to find her missing father before she and her brother, DASON, get placed in a foster home.

Her quest brings her to secluded woods where she discovers that a group of bear poachers are responsible for her father’s disappearance. Her adventures bring her in contact with the legendary woodland characters: the pipe-smoking frog-like people and the giant ferocious black bird. Can she survive the night alone in woods alive with hungry bears and angry hunters? Will she be able to find her father before the hunters do?

Rating: 5

Reason for Rating: I definitely enjoyed this book! A short, quick read, I found myself easily able to identify and relate to Tala and Dason. At first, Tala seemed a bit old for her age, but once you begin to understand more of her background, it seems perfectly in place and reasonable. It’s a great example story for so many things. The adventure aspect was great – I feel it was a good read, even for me, and don’t feel it would be too scary for a younger reader. I also loved the positive examples it showed of sibling bonding and teamwork. I also love the way it incorporated Native American legends and presented a positive, non-stereotypical view of Native American culture. I think part of the reason why I connected so well with this book is that sense of wanting to explore and be independent. You can find that all throughout this book. Overall, a great read, for anyone, adult or teen, looking to escape for a few hours. The characters will grow on you like they grew on me.

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Disclosure: Murielle provided me with a free e-book copy of this in exchange for my honest review. These thoughts and feelings are 100 percent mine and 100 percent real! Also, this post may contain affiliate links which will generate me a small amount of income when clicked on! 


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