Counting to 1000 Gifts: #41-50

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Sorry I’ve been away for a bit – I’ve been busy moving! In that vein, a lot of these will probably be about our new house. If you haven’t read the book One Thousand Gifts I highly recommend it. You can also check out Ann Voskamp’s blog and website.

41. An awesome visit with my in-laws

42. Moving went really smoothly

43. A huge built-in bookcase

44. A fan that blows warm air in the bathroom, which is really glorious after a shower

45. Living so much closer to Nick’s work

46. Having so much fun at swimming lessons with Dominic

47. Having those swimming lessons with friends

48. Having a much safer place to live for Dominic

49. Living in a much quieter neighborhood

50. A bigger kitchen

Hope your weekend is going well! Be blessed!

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