Meet My Friend Janet and Her Pampered Chef Business

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Every so often, I like to promote my friends and what they are doing on the side because I really think it’s a neat thing. To me, supporting your friends is very important and to me, a part of the way I can do that is to promote them here. Janet and I have been friends since high school. We drifted apart for a bit over a stupid fight (which was kind of my fault – I held a grudge over something silly and dumb and I’m ashamed of that), but now that we are back in the same city, we are good friends again and it pleases me! In fact, she was over today and we baked and had a good time. So now to my interview with her!

Tell me a little about yourself.

I am a recent graduate of Martin Luther College. I also recently got married to my wonderful husband Mark. I teach pre-school half-time and I nanny in the afternoons, along with selling Pampered Chef. I also love to sew and bake and my dream job is to be a home ec teacher.

My Pampered Chef pizza stone. This was the last batch of cookies, we forgot the first two times even though we reminded ourselves. Haha.

My Pampered Chef pizza stone. This was the last batch of cookies, we forgot the first two times even though we reminded ourselves. Haha.

Tell us a bit about Pampered Chef.

It is a company that focuses on making it easier and faster to make dinner so your whole family can eat together instead of eating in front of the tv or saying it takes too long to make dinner so you make something that’s not healthy or you go out to eat instead of eating at home.

What are one of your parties like?

I come in, I make food, people get to try it and then they can ask questions about the products.

What kind of things do you sell?

We sell kitchen tools, things to use for grilling, spices and sauces that you can put on your food, dip mixes, pizza crust dough mixes and beer bread mix. Then we also have picnic ware – like plates, cups, that kind of thing. We also have cookbooks and more. It’s really cool that we just got a new gluten-free cookbook.

What is your favorite Pampered Chef product? 

It’s so hard to choose! I have so many things that I love. Most of the time it’s the newest thing I got, which at the moment is the tea bird. But I also love my dishes. And the cookware, which is awesome. I just got the new 8-inch executive skillet and it’s fantastic. I also like the knives, I have like umpteen thousand knives, but only two Pampered Chef knives and those are the ones that are always in the sink – they are like my kitchen power tools. Mark’s favorite is the stoneware.

What can you do for people?

I can do parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, and anything else you can think of. It’s always fun to have a girls’ night because we have drink mixes and then you can add like the alcohol and have drinks. You can pick the recipe and as long as it’s not too hard, I can show people how to make it at the show. And then you’ll be able to try it. I can also do a catalog show or a Facebook show or even over Skype, where I can still show your guests how to make the stuff and you can have a pre-made one at home. We ship all over the United States, so you can be anywhere.

My Pampered Chef cake pans. These really are non-stick - these cakes popped out beautifully.

My Pampered Chef cake pans. These really are non-stick – these cakes popped out beautifully.

Why should someone have a party with you?

There are a lot of benefits to hosting a show. For example, there’s always a monthly host special. This month it’s our cutting tools that are 60% off, like our simple slicer, the manual food processor, which I love, the mandoline, and the chopper. Plus, you get a certain amount of Pampered Chef dollars to use towards free products. I’ll do the cooking and the cleaning! And, as a host, you don’t pay shipping and handling (even during a virtual show!)

How can people get in touch with you?

They can e-mail me at Also I have a website – if you just want to order something on the website, then your information is all safe and secure. That’s


Thanks so much Janet! She did a Pampered Chef show for me a while back and I loved it. We made a delicious taco ring and I now own several Pampered Chef items – I have a pizza stone, some of the stainless steel cookware, which I love, the knives, which I also love and a few more things. If you have any questions for Janet about Pampered Chef or hosting a show or anything like that, feel free to post them in the comments and Janet (or I, if applicable) will answer them.

Disclosure: I am not receiving any compensation from Janet or Pampered Chef – I’m simply doing this because I want to help my friend promote her business and I use and love my own Pampered Chef products. 

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