Flash Fiction – 3/24/13

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Decided to do something a little different tonight and I’m going to showcase some flash fiction I’ve written. Flash fiction can refer to a couple of things – it can refer to the length of the piece, or in this case, to the time used to write this piece. I gave myself 90 minutes, from start to finish, to write and do any editing I want to as part of Absolute Write’s Flash Fiction challenge. Today, I’m reposting it here.


I took her hand in mine.  This was the hand that had lovingly held mine in every difficult moment. This was the hand that cooked a thousand meals that lovingly nourished our family. And those arms – those were the arms that lovingly rocked our babes to sleep. And at the end of those arms were the shoulders that were always there for a friend to cry on whenever they suffered a loss, like the death of a parent or when their husbands left them. And those calloused and worn feet – they were the feet that traveled many miles to the store and home and to work and to school and abroad and all the places that one travels in their lifetime. That mouth, those lips – if I close my eyes I can almost remember what they felt like against mine, what they felt like on my skin. Those eyes, I remembered how they filled with tears at the pain of loss – the time we had a big fight, the time she wrecked her car, the time we lost a child. A tear rolled down my cheek and I laid down her hand. “Good-bye, my love.”


Ehh, confession time, I’m not thrilled with this piece, but maybe I can use it later as a starting off for something. But I told myself I would post it, so I’m holding myself to it. Let me know your thoughts and ideas if you want in the comments.

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