Dear Blank Please Blank – 4/1/13

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Dear Crockpot,

Thanks for making everything delicious and tasty. And oh so easy.


Your biggest fan


Dear books,

Thanks for providing hours of entertainment for me. And for my baby, who likes to pull you off the shelf. How about we work on books with magnets in them and metal shelves?


A life long reader


Dear Quebec,

Never thought I’d say this, but keep up the good work. Thanks for recognizing what an important thing it is to supply breast milk to premature babies and other babies who need it. Setting up a milk bank is a great way to go.


Breast is best for babies


Dear People Planning on Making April Fools’ Jokes,

Keep them classy, not mean, hurtful or below the belt.


It’s supposed to be funny


Dear people who volunteer,

You may feel some days that your work is under appreciated. You may want quit sometimes. You may think “Does what I’m doing even matter?” Well, I have to tell you that it does. Thanks volunteers, your work makes our world a better place.


Someone who thinks you rock

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