How I’m Preparing for Homeschool

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It is no secret that Nick and I plan to homeschool Dominic (as well as any future kids) someday. We’ve known this for a while. While at the moment, it can seem very far off, for me at least, I still try to prepare, even though I don’t really plan to do anything concrete for a while.

So these are my tips and tricks for preparing to homeschool. I know, I’m not a seasoned veteran or anything of homeschool, this is just what I’ve been doing to prepare myself.

Read. A lot. 

There are so many decisions to make about homeschool. What way are you going to homeschool? Are you going to try to do school at home or are you going to unschool? Are you going to use Mason or Montessori or neither? Are there certain things you are looking for in your curriculum? I think the more you read, the more it can help form your philosophy about how you want to homeschool. And, if the way you choose doesn’t end up working for you, at least you have a head start on knowing your other options. It’s also important to read up on the laws where you live. Different states have different requirements for homeschool and it will help you if you familiarize yourself with those rules.

Collect ideas and materials.

Even though homeschool is a ways away for us, that doesn’t stop me from collecting materials or ideas. I keep a pinterest board and a bookmarks folder, as well as some ideas that have come to me that I’ve written down. I’ve also collected materials, some books I’ve run across, for example. Or even other learning materials that I’ve found at consignment sales, thrift stores, or rummage sales. I don’t want to have to get all my resources all at one time, but if I slowly build my collection, I will have a decent stash when I’m ready to start.

My latest consignment sale find - a like new busy bugs set. I can think of so many uses for this!

My latest consignment sale find – a like new busy bugs set. I can think of so many uses for this!

Talk to other people who homeschool or who are planning on homeschool.

If you know other people who are planning to homeschool, I think that is a blessing. You are able to have conversations with them about what they’re doing, their struggles, etc. You can also pick their brains if you need some help or advice. Even if they may not homeschool in the same style you are planning on, you can still learn something from them or have something they say spark an idea in your head.

So those are three things that I’m doing to prepare myself for our future homeschool journey. Do you have any tips or anything you do?

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