Tuesday Tip in the Kitchen

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Okay, so let me make a confession to you. I used to drain grease off of meat straight down the drain. Which I later realized/learned was horribly bad for your drain. When my (awesome) mother-in-law was here, she showed me how to pour the grease into a glass, let it harden (which after I saw it harden, I realized why it is so horrible for your drains – sorry all you poor drains! I didn’t mean to do that) and then scoop it out. Well, after a while, the glass got full and it was a pain to clean out. So that got me thinking, what if I poured it into something that I could just throw out when it was full, instead of cleaning it out? So now I keep an old container (of any kind, doesn’t really matter – my current one was a salsa jar in a previous life) and I pour the grease into there so then it hardens and when it’s full, I can just get rid of it, like I was going to do all along. Now, I’m still trying to learn if there’s anything I could turn that grease into (I mean, I feel like it has to be useful for something) but I’m not sure yet, but for now, that is my tip! I hope that helps you.

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