Learning to Use Forks

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The post in which I show you many pictures of my son learning to use forks and then at the end talk a bit about baby led weaning.

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I have loved every minute we have done of baby led weaning with Dominic. Hands down, one of the best parenting decisions we’ve ever made. I absolutely 100 percent recommend it to everyone and if we ever have future kids, we will be doing it with them as well. It has just been so much fun to watch him learn, grow, and explore. And I think he has really enjoyed it too. We frequently get smiles during meal times and I think it helps him to feel confident and empowered. That last part is especially important, I think, because this is a time of his life where he strongly wants to do a lot of things for himself. But at the same time, there are increasing things that he can’t/should not do. I have to tell him things like “Don’t play with the lamp door,” “Don’t crawl on the dishwasher door because I’m afraid your weight could snap it off,” and “Don’t open the dishwasher while it’s running.” But in eating, I say yes to him. “Yes you may play with your food.” “Yes you may smash your food.” “Yes you may taste that and chew it and swallow it.” These pictures were taking today of him at a year old learning to use forks while eating some mango and enjoying every second of it.


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