13 Month Update

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Been a while since I’ve done a personal update, so here it goes.

Dominic is 13 months old now. He is walking and a very physical active little boy. But he’s also learned how to give hugs 🙂 And that is the best. He is growing and learning more every day. We have been taking lots of trips to the zoo, the library, the farmer’s market, the park, and many, many other places. Just today we went to the Marina with some of our friends and she has a six-week old baby. Dominic is going to be a great big brother someday, I can tell just from their interactions. He is eating really well and trying so many new foods. He loves just about every fruit and he also loves cheese as well, along with many, many other foods. We have also been reading a lot and sharing lots of laughter.

I have been reading a lot too. And cooking a lot. And I planted a garden. I planted tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, watermelon, and cantaloupe. My tomato plant has it’s first flower, so that’s very exciting!

Nick has been working very hard at work and I am very proud of him. He is a great dad and I am reminded of that with how much Dominic laughs and giggles with him, with the way he is always willing to help out with him, and the way he loves him. I am so glad to have him in my life and I couldn’t ask for a better husband or a better father for my child.

Of course, this may make our life seem perfect, but let me tell you it is not. For all the joy, there is still struggles. Dominic is cutting molars and that has been pretty hard on him. He is also getting to be really willful and he definitely wants things his way, so we have some moments of tension and minor temper tantrums that we are working through.

So tell me something about your life! What is going on with you now?

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