Spring Water

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I was reading this post on raising locally minded kids (which is a subject for another post – we love our Farmers’ Market and go almost every week) which led me to a post about spring water (that has since become broken – 🙁 )

And I got to thinking about spring water and it reminded me of a memory from when I was a kid. I remember going with some of my friends and their parents to get spring water. I remember my excitement at seeing the spring and how cool I thought it was and I remember the clean, crisp taste of the water. I remember filling the big jugs with this special water.

And then I thought to myself, I would love to take Dominic to do this someday. I have fond memories of going and I think he would enjoy it too (I mean, of course he would, this kid loves water. He is like a little fish.)

So that lead me to findaspring.com and through there I discovered that there is still one public well left in Milwaukee. I almost couldn’t believe it – it was better than I was expecting. I was expecting that we would have to go out of the city to find a spring. But nope, we have one – the Pryor Avenue Iron Well.

So now I’ve got a new item for our “bucket list” – I want to take Dominic to get water from the Pryor Avenue Iron Well. As the name suggests, the water is also supposed to be high in iron, which also  excites me because I have in the past had problems with my iron level, so perhaps this water will help.

What about you? Do you have any experience with or memories of spring water/wells? Would you do it?

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