10 Finds for Friday – 7/12/13

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Here are your 10 finds for Friday. As usual, I’m not saying I agree with all of them or anything like that, I just think they’re things to take under consideration and that I hope make your think or give you ideas or help you in life.

Ten Things: A Roundup Worth Reading

1. If Purity is Taboo, How Do You Get Your Teens to Embrace It? 

2. Quick and Easy Tips for a Clean Dishwasher

3. Give me some more, Spaghetti Amore! 

4. Celebrate Father’s Day by making a homemade pizza for your hardworking dad. Yes, this shirt and tie is a pizza! 

5. Required Summer Reading: Are They Drowning?

6. What I’ll Tell Sweet E: It’s OK to be Vulnerable

7. How to Grow Onions ~ How to Store Onions

8. A Better Way to Teach Spelling (Word Study, Part 1)

9. Free Printable Emergent Readers: sight word “the” 

10.  Rhymes for Letter W: Little Letter W Book

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