In the Middle Reading Challenge Update!

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So you may remember a while back that I took the In the Middle Reading Challenge. Today I am going to check my second book off the list! If you remember, the In the Middle Reading Challenge was for books 300-400 pages and I selected the Cruising Through the Pages level which means I need to read a minimum of 5 of these books. It only goes to the end of 2013, so I don’t have a lot of time left to read these books, but I’m determined to finish, even if I’m a little tardy in doing so.

1. Cassie (Sunfire No. 14) by Vivian Schurfranz – 2.5 stars – 331 pages

2. Urban Gardening For Dummies by Paul Simon, Charlie Nardozzi, and the Editors of the National Gardening Association – 4 stars – 330 pages

This book I actually enjoyed quite a bit, despite it not being a page turner like a novel might be. I started my first garden this year and that resulted in mixed success. I think I just sort of planted and then mostly left it be, except for the occasional (read: not often enough) weed pulling. I also knew very little about some of the plants I was trying to grow. But after reading this book, I feel more confident in gardening next summer. The content was solid for the most part, I just would have enjoyed colored pictures occasionally of some of the plants they were talking about, that’s why I gave it a 4 instead of a 5.

2 books down, at least three to go!

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