Photo Challenge: Day 2

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So you remember how I started this photo challenge and vowed I would finish it even if it took me months? Well, rest assured, I will finish it and I haven’t forgotten about it and in fact, I am ready for photo number 2! Day 2 is “What You Wore Today.” Let me tell you, when I even thought about taking this picture, it made me a little nervous. I know I don’t have a superb sense of style and I’m not a fashion blogger. I wear what fits me and what’s comfortable and I know it’s not necessarily super snazzy. But true to form, it is what I wore today (well, by the time you’re reading this, yesterday – I couldn’t quite get this post finished before bed).



Let me break it down, because I know you’re all just dying to know exactly what this is haha. The shirt is an old soccer “uniform” from when I was 16. It was too big on me then, but fits my post-pregnancy self. That was the year I played co-ed soccer. Those years were the best in terms of soccer. Playing co-ed was a lot more fun for me than playing girls only. And that year in particular, we did really well. I was one of the only girls who showed up consistently and basically the rest of our team was guys who played for the local high school team but didn’t want the pressure of classic but still wanted to play in the off-season. So needless to say, we were really, really good that year. And I got to play almost all game every game since I was sometimes the only girl who showed up. The pants are black dress pants. Not my favorite ones, which somehow accidentally got bleach on them (boo, they were the best fitting dress pants I had ever had, plus comfortable, plus pockets, so losing them was sad). These are okay. But since becoming a mom, wearing black pants is never easy haha. It’s looking down at the library and realizing there are tiny hummus finger streaks on your pants. Yup. Whatever, gonna rock the mom thing. And I’m happy my little guy likes hummus. And the socks are knee-high, black with purple stripes. Because I like knee-high socks. My favorite knee-high socks were knee-high Gryffindor ones but they are so full of holes now. Anyways, there’s my outfit for yesterday, when I took the picture, and the long-winded explanation haha.

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