National Blog Posting Month and Questions (For You!)

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Well, welcome to November. November is an interesting month, in many ways, because it is crazy and because a lot of crazy things happen in that month, including National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo – which my sister is doing and I’ve tried and failed to do in the past – where you attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November) and National Blog Posting Month – where you attempt to post every day in November on your blog. This is the one I’m going to be attempting this year. This feels like a big deal for me because I love to blog but I’m not good at doing it on a regular basis. So I’m hoping I’ll be able to do this and that it will help make me more regular in the future.

So they have prompts and today’s seemed intriguing. If you had a million dollars and had to spend it by nightfall, how would you spend it? That’s the gist of it anyways. I am going to assume for this equation that I am not paying taxes on the money, even though in reality I know there would be taxes on it which I would pay it real life (side note: I wonder if the IRS has a bot just crawling the Internet searching for people who use the phrase “I’m not paying my taxes.”). Anyways I guess here’s what I would do with the money – in a not so particular order: donate some to The Point of Grace – the campus ministry that changed my life and impacted me in ways that will be with me forever, buy our house outright and pay off all our debt, set aside enough money for Nick to go back to college if he wanted – including funds to help us live, buy a second car, donate to various charities – there are so many deserving ones out there and I know I could make one large donation to one charity, but I’d rather make a lot of smaller ones to a lot of charities – so I could help out across different areas, set aside money for Dominic to go to college, buy a Kitchenaid stand mixer and a Tula, set aside money to remove Nick’s conditions on his permanent residency, update all our passports, take a trip to visit Nick’s family in Canada, take an around the world trip – including back to Korea, go on a cruise, buy some furniture – including couches for our basement and a chest freezer and more bookshelves and a drier, and then the rest I would either save or spend on other stuff on my wish list (books, more pots and pans for my kitchen, etc). I know a lot of that is really ordinary stuff, but with Nick’s job the way it is, we often don’t have money left over for some of these bigger expenses and sometimes wonder how we will make it at all in one particular month – like this one where extra expenses popped up because of the plumbing problem we had in our basement. I don’t even know if the money would last that far, I didn’t sit down and price everything out but I just put down what I wish for when I think about the dream that we will hopefully someday have more money.

So, now I have some questions for you.

First of all, if you had a million dollars, how would you spend it? I’m curious to see your dreams.

Second, is there anything you would like to see me blog about? I have 29 days of blogging to go, so I’m definitely open to suggestion. But I’m always open for suggestion, so let me know anytime you have them.

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you tomorrow. Put your answers in the comments or on my Facebook page or wherever.

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