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“If history is full of scoundrels who have caused – and are causing – economic, political, and cultural injustices to be visited on others, it is also full of people who have worked and are working to overcome them.” – Achieving Social Justice: A Christian Perspective by Ronald J. Wilkins

I have been reading this (quite old) textbook on Christians and social justice and this quote (and really the whole section it’s in) just really struck me. I think it is because it talks about people who would prefer to look the other way. And I know a lot of people like this – who do think they are powerless to change things and so instead of trying, they look the other way. Indeed, even as much as it pains me to admit, I know I don’t do as much as I could be doing. I was certainly much more active in college, but I think even being aware of the problem is the first step to doing something about it. And I’m aware that I could do more and I am working to figure out how best to do that.

And I can look I history and see great examples of people who saw injustice and did something about it. What if Martin Luther King Jr. had said I’m only one person, what can I change? Or what if Mother Theresa had turned away from the suffering and refused to think about it, let alone change it? Or what about even Jesus? He could have said well, these people are sinful people and they always will be, they don’t deserve my help. But he didn’t, he was down there in the nitty gritty, feeding and healing people, comforting and having compassion.

And I can look to examples right now – of people speaking up and doing something about injustice. My friend Marla, for example. Or the many every day people I have met when I volunteer places – the people who will probably never be famous for the work they are doing, but yet they do it so tirelessly and make a huge difference.

And there are many wonderful organizations doing wonderful work. Here are a few of my favorites (not all of my favorites and not ranked by order of importance, because they all are doing different work and because if I listed every good organization I like out there we’d be here forever haha).

Harbor House – Working to stop and prevent domestic violence in Appleton, WI
WELS Lutherans for Life Metro Milwaukee – a pro-life organization that is not only telling the truth about the humanity of babies and the love of Jesus, but also providing women facing unplanned pregnancy real options through their crisis pregnancy centers
Brighton Their World – dedicated to being a voice for those who have none and providing basic necessities to children who have no access to them
Back2Back – also involved in orphan care
Mercy House Kenya – a safe place/home for pregnant women
Love146 – working to end child trafficking and exploitation
Reading is Fundamental – a literacy program
Operation Smile – provides surgery for those with cleft lip/palate and other facial deformities
Abolition International – working to end sex trafficking
Repairers of the Breach -Milwaukee homeless outreach

So those are just some of my favorites and some examples of people doing good work. So tell me, what organizations and causes do you feel are out there doing good work? I want to know of more – because I think knowing that we do not have to fight these injustices alone, that we can come along side others and fight them, is encouraging and empowering.

Lastly, remember you don’t always have to do something big and grand to make the world a better place. Every time you choose to be nice instead of mean, to help instead of ignore, and to be positive instead of negative, in your own small way you are helping to make this world a better place.

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