F is for Feet

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I decided to do an art project with Dominic this morning, very, very loosely based on this project here.

First, we traced his feet on the paper.
P. S. If you do this anything like me, I’m obligated to warn you that your child’s feet may look like this afterwards. Thankfully, I changed my mind from the permanent marker and used washable instead at the last minute.
Then I let him scribble on the feet.
Most of the dark scribbles on the page are mine. He was mainly interested in dotting the paper with the crayons and using the crayons as drumsticks on the table. And there are some lighter scribbles on there from him but it’s hard to tell in the picture because they are so light.
Then we cut the feet out and I put them on my fridge. I also wrote his name, age and the date on the back, in case we keep these long term – which we may because it’s cool to see what size your feet were when you were little. 20131105-082632.jpg
I want to designate some wall somewhere in our house as the art project wall, a place to hang all our art and other projects on the wall and swap out periodically when we have new stuff, but I haven’t decided on which wall that should be. It probably depends a lot on whether or not I get the little green room in the basement like I want for a homeschool room (Nick wants it to be his office and we disagree about it). If I get it, it will probably be one wall in there and the other walls (minus the white board) will be used for educational type posters or pictures or maps (probably maps, my children will for sure know that Africa is a continent and not a country). Anyways, before I get too off topic, do you have any neat or interesting ways that you showcase your child’s art projects?

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