10 Rules for Happy Living

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10 Rules for Happy Living

1. If you are stuck for ideas on what to blog about 10 days into NaBloPoMo, do not ask your husband for suggestions. He will suggest things like nasal mucus or nasal music or anagrams of mucus (Scum U?)

2. Do not make grumpy faces at your husband while you are trying to blog or he will get out his light saber (that you didn’t even know he had) and poke you with it.

3. Do not let your child attempt to pick your nose.

4. Do not let your husband teach your child how to tickle you if you are extremely ticklish.

5. Do not stay up insanely late killing time on Facebook or watching Netflix when you know your child is probably going to be up at 6 am.

6. Do have a little fun even if it means your house stays messy or your child has blue rings around their feet for 2 days even after baths (washable markers are a lie).

7. Do not freak out if you child manages to get the salt shaker you just filled a few days ago. Calmly and collectively use your parenting ninja skills to take it away without a fuss or a mess.

8. Do let your child swim like a fish in the tub even if it results in water everywhere. The smiles are worth it.

9. Don’t stress so much about what other people think of your parenting. It is your child and you love them.

10. Ignore all the rules on the list and find your own rules for happy living.

In case you can’t tell, this list is meant to be funny and to make you smile and is based on real events in my life, not to be taken as a serious thou shalt type list. It just kind of spawned from number one and I was having fun with it so I went with it.

I’m also linking to the Sunday Funday blog hop for the first time.

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