In the Middle Reading Challenge Update

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So you may remember that I took the In the Middle Reading Challenge. Today I am going to check my third book off the list! If you remember, the In the Middle Reading Challenge was for books 300-400 pages and I selected the Cruising Through the Pages level which means I need to read a minimum of 5 of these books. It only goes to the end of 2013, so I don’t have a lot of time left to read these books, but I’m determined to finish, even if I’m a little tardy in doing so. I think I can finish by the end of this year but I am not certain.

1. Cassie (Sunfire No. 14) by Vivian Schurfranz – 2.5 stars – 331 pages

2. Urban Gardening For Dummies by Paul Simon, Charlie Nardozzi, and the Editors of the National Gardening Association – 4 stars – 330 pages

3. African Myths and Tales edited with an introduction by Susan Feldmann

I don’t even know how to rate a book like this. It’s kind of unratable. It is what it is. Some stories I liked and some stories left me scratching my head and going “O. . . kay.” If you have an interest in African legends though, this book is definitely for you. I think the legends I found most interesting were some of the different ones on how man lost immortality. I especially thought the ones where the gods asked them to stay awake to be particularly interesting. In those, a god (or gods) asks them to stay awake for a certain amount of time and if they do it, they’ll live forever. But the humans can’t so they lose their chance at immortality. There are several variants on that story in particular. It’s also interesting to me how many stories feature a spider and quite prominently at that. It’s not something I would have guessed, being as how I am afraid of spiders and they also certainly are not the biggest ad the strongest, yet a spider had an important role is quite a few of these stories. All in all, quite an interesting book if this subject matter is of interest to you.

2 books left and a little over a month! We’ll see what happens.

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