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Well, I’ve done some heavy lifting over the past couple of days with all of my posts about kids. What was supposed to start out as one post turned into 8 posts, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had a lot of great feedback and I always loving blogging the most when it’s about something that I care about deeply. It was one suggestion by a friend that I do a blog post on it. So, that brings me to my next point – if there’s something you want to see me blog about, please, please suggest it! I love suggestions and for the most part I will do them (can’t promise, but I will make my best effort).

But anyways, after all those days of blog heavy lifting, I need a little bit of a lighter day. I’ve already written my thoughts on food idolatry, but I wanted to share this post on Real Food that I also like a lot. It makes a great, great point. Everyone should eat what they want to eat and she makes very valid points about nutrition needing to look different for everyone. I’m sick of feeling shamed for my diet, I eat real food too. In fact, two nights ago I challenged myself to retry salad even though I “don’t like” lettuce. It didn’t kill me and I even kind of liked it. My tastes have changed a lot over the years, but I’m challenging myself to retry things I previously disliked and that is goal enough for me – that is real food enough for me.


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