Clothespin Characters

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My non-Pinterest worthy attempt at a craft from a Martha Stewart book.

You know, even though Dom is little, I do like to attempt to do crafts with him. Everyone has to start somewhere – it’s how we get better.

So I attempted to make with him these clothespin characters from Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids (P. S. The subtitle says for kids of all ages but then the description says for kids ages 3-12 soooo yeah). Which basically meant Dom did the coloring and I did the rest. I won’t get too much into the instructions since It came from a book. If you can’t figure out how we did it, you’ll have to get the book and look it up. But I don’t think it’s rocket science.

Dominic coloring it.

The finished creation. It was supposed to be a dog but I think it looks more like a fat cat. And Dominic must too because he started meowing before I even told him it was a cat.



Then Dominic played with it. Which mainly he did by pulling the clothespins off and asking me to put them on repeatedly. Which he thoroughly enjoyed.

We may not be the best artists, but we had fun.

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