Teens and Social Media

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I see it all the time – people posting things on Facebook that they shouldn’t be. Whether that’s something completely inappropriate, something damaging to their reputation, or something mean, it happens way too often. Just to give you an example, (I haven’t seen this in a while because most of my friends on Facebook now are legal) but I used to see my underage friends posting about going out and getting drunk. It’s just not a smart move to be doing illegal things, let alone posting about them.

That’s why I wanted to share today about the Indiegogo campaign for Above the Fray. They are trying to raise money to create a curriculum that helps teens make good choices online. I personally think they have a solid plan, because they are going to consult teens (a must if you want to create something relevant – you need to understand your audience). I also think this is something that is sorely needed. Social media is a relatively new thing in the history of the world and people – teens especially – need a better understanding of how it can effect them.

I like to take time to highlight ways to make a difference and I think and hope a creation of a curriculum like this could. To find out more or to donate, you can head to their Indiegogo page.

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