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I love this beautiful piece of artwork. It’s beautiful in general but the quote is also very touching.

“Travel far enough you meet yourself” (Cloud Atlas)

I don’t know if you know this, but I love to travel. Any place anywhere. The other day I saw a sweepstakes for a trip to Dubai and I asked Nick if he wanted to go there and he was like, “No, not really.” But I entered anyways because I’d travel just about anywhere.

And I love this quote because if you are truly traveling with your eyes wide open, it changes you. You get to know yourself better. It pushes your boundaries by stepping you outside your norm. It makes you stretch and grow and discover things about yourself.

When I started college I knew I wanted to study abroad. And I knew when I left for Korea that I was going to enjoy myself. But I didn’t realize I would make some of my best friends there. I didn’t realize how much that trip and experience would still be effecting my life, even now 3 years later.

Travel is really important I think, not only for seeing the world, but also for growing yourself more as a person. I hope as our kids grow up we are able to afford to take them traveling or give them opportunities to travel so they can see the world and grow themselves.

Learning to play a traditional Korean drum

Learning to play a traditional Korean drum

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