Sleep in Heavenly Peace

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This is just the rough draft of a little creative writing I jotted off quick this morning. Always good to exercise that part of my brain – I hope you enjoy!

“Daddy, I’m scared,” the little girl said, holding tight to him as she looked at the empty house behind them.

“Shh little one, it’s gonna be all right.” He didn’t tell her, but he was scared too. Their whole life was here in this city. But now with his new job, they were being uprooted, driving halfway across the country when he’d lived in the same town his whole life. Would he do well there? Would his little girl make friends?

Rachel waited for them in the minivan, packed to the brim with what belongings they hadn’t sold. They had gotten rid of much but it still seemed like a lot.

Rachel gave him a kiss as he slid into the driver’s seat while Sophia slid into the back.

“Ready?” He said to the both of them and himself.

“I’ve got the directions and money for the tolls right here.” Rachel said. That wasn’t what he was asking and Rachel knew that, but she too was unwilling to admit how scared she was.

The drove in silence for awhile. Sophia fell asleep in the backseat. Rachel have a sigh and Mike glanced over at her. “What?”

“Nothing,” she said. “I’m fine. I just hate long drives.” I wish we weren’t moving. She wanted to say.

“Me too.” Mike agreed. We didn’t have a choice. He would have said.

“At least Sophia fell asleep.” Rachel added.

“Yeah, that’s good.”

They went back to driving in silence. Rachel thought about saying things a few times, but felt like she had nothing to say. Finally, she leaned over and turned on the radio.

Silent Night filled the dead space between them and as Rachel hummed along to the song, she leaned back and smiled.

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