In the Middle Reading Challenge Update – 12/31/13

Well, here we are on the last day of 2013. It is as good of time as any for the In the Middle Reading Challenge Update. Technically, I failed since I only read 4 out of the 5 I was supposed to be. But I will read that fifth book eventually, and anything that gets me reading more is a good thing. I mean, technically with tonight being New Year’s Eve, I could probably find time to finish another 300-400 pages, but I don’t have just me to think about anymore.

Here’s the list to date:

1. Cassie (Sunfire No. 14) by Vivian Schurfranz – 2.5 stars – 331 pages

2. Urban Gardening For Dummies by Paul Simon, Charlie Nardozzi, and the Editors of the National Gardening Association – 4 stars – 330 pages

3. African Myths and Tales edited with an introduction by Susan Feldmann (just noticed I forgot to put pages for this and I passed it on already – whoops! It was between 300 and 400 pages though)

4. Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger – 3 stars – 372 pages

This book was just okay. It was a little predictable and I basically guessed how it was going to end (for the most part) pretty quickly on. The narrator was somewhat annoying at times, sometimes gabbed too much about things where I was like ‘Who cares?’ And I didn’t like the way the book treated sex so casually, but this is never something I have liked in books. I did keep reading to the end and finish it though and it was a quick read and an interesting story, I just wish it had been a little harder to put all the pieces together – I like books where the mystery at the end really shocks me.

I will read the 5th book at some point, even if I’m now tardy on it, but I will finish this one before I take up a new one 🙂

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