A Person’s Value

“But Jesus knew that it was not a person’s station in life that made him or her worthwhile, but what he or she was as a person – what he or she was in the sight of God.” – Achieving Social Justice: A Christian Perspective

This quote is so true. Jesus saw the value in all people – no matter who they were. He associated with all sorts of people that those in His day and age would not have. The Samaritan woman, the tax collectors, the prostitutes – these were not people you hung out with. But Jesus did.

And it makes me wonder, have we forgotten this? I feel like too often there are people who we view as too good to hang out with or to spend time with because they are going to taint us. We treat them like they are unworthy because in our eyes, they are unworthy.

But these people are not unworthy in the eyes of God. In His eyes, they are valuable people of great worth, a worth so great He sent His son to die for them. Yes, even for people like that. And in some ways, especially for people like that. It is the sick who need a doctor most after all.

So I’m tired of seeing Christians act like they are above non-Christians. I’m especially tired of seeing Christians act like they are above other Christians. And sadly, I’ve even seen this in my own denomination, where we’ve said that we believe the same things, there are still people who feel they are better than others in our synod.

It is certainly not easy to love those who are not like us. It is human nature to want to be around people who are like us, I think. But God did not spare His only son, He sent Him to live and walk among people who were not like Him. I mean, the people if Jesus’ day accused Him if hanging out with sinners and tax collectors, but the reality is everyone He hung out with was a sinner and everyone was beneath Him. But He didn’t say “I’m too good for you” and stay up in heaven with the other perfect people. No, He humbled Himself to live and breathe and move among a sinful people like us. If anyone would have had a right not to be “tainted” it would have been Him, but He didn’t use that as an excuse.

I’m not perfect yet at seeing the value in everyone. It’s easy to get caught up in what the crowd thinks. I think I’ve come a long way from my younger self though. And I pray that God opens my eyes to see in every person I meet the value that He sees in them.

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