Catching Fire!!

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WARNING: there are spoilers ahead for Catching Fire and possibly the Hunger Games and Mockingjay as well so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Read at your own risk!!

So last night I finally had a chance to see Catching Fire in theaters for the first time. I had to wait a long time to see it which made it all the sweeter. It turned into a mini-ordeal because the first theater I tried to see it at at 7:10 was sold out(!) so I ended up seeing it at 9:50 which means I was up really late and feeling surprisingly not zombie like for as little sleep as I got.

I know a lot of people have seen it already and so a lot of people have already talked about it, I’m sure, but I just saw it less than 24 hours ago so I’m feeling that buzz of seeing a really great, long anticipated movie. Also I feel a need to immediately re-read the books since it’s been awhile since I read them.

So in no particular order, here are my thoughts.

1. I totally teared up when they were in Rue’s district giving the speeches on the victory tour.

2. I really loved the whole victory your scenes in general, the way you can see the rebellions and the people and everything like that.

3. The casting was fabulous, so fabulous. Finnick, Beatte, Joanna, Mags, all of it.

4. Seeing Effie get really choked up and emotional was really moving for me.

5. The wedding dress to Mockingjay dress was beautiful. Let’s everyone stick it to President Snow!

6. Peeta <3

7. Cinna’s death just feels like a horrible gut punch. Even though I knew it was coming it was still awful.

8. I loved Effie’s butterfly dress at the Reaping even if it was so ridiculous.

9. The head peacekeeper that comes into their town was great. Well not great but he played his role so well. You know what I mean.

10. The arena looked exactly like I pictured it.

11. I loved the interviews with Flickermann – and I love them standing on stage all united and holding hands.

12. The scene with the morphling was beautiful. Just so compassionate.

13. Those monkeys really freaked me out.

14. When Finnick was reviving Peeta even though I knew he lived I was still on the edge of my seat. Oh man oh man.

15. The Mockingjay scene was way more intense than I anticipated but it was perfect.

16. When that little girl tells Katniss she wants to grow up and volunteer like she did, my heart just sunk.

All right, I think that’s everything. I am sure I will think of more later. I really and truly wouldn’t change it because I think they did a fabulous job. If you’ve seen it, what do you think?

Edit: I had to come back and add the trailer because I have the desire to just keep watching the movie over and over and over again. Because AMAZING. Also, in this trailer you get a glimpse of Effie’s butterfly dress that I was talking about.

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