Community (And the in{RL} Conference too)

Community is very important to me. Despite this, I still feel like I’m muddling my way around this creating a caring community thing that is a goal of mine. But I’m trying – I want to take more active efforts in this area. I’m working on a wives’ group for the lovely wives around me. I’m trying to think of an easy and not-so-intimidating way that I can reach out and get to know my neighbors (I know a few, but barely, but I want to know them more). I think the world is a better place when our communities are stronger. I also heard on the radio once that knowing your neighbors is one of the best things you can do to make your community safer, but even if that wasn’t true, I’d still want to grow my community, because I crave that community. I don’t want to be an island unto myself, I want to live in a world where people can come together.

I first learned about the in{RL} conference last year and I wanted to do something, I wanted to plan something, I wanted to say, yes, let me use this stuff that’s already put together and create this event for women in my community to come together. Not just because I love conferences (Even though that is true, I do love me a good conference – I’m so excited for the Midwinter Gaming Convention tomorrow). But I chickened out. I got scared that I couldn’t do it. I got scared that it would fail.

But sigh. Pick myself up off the ground and I hear about it again this year. This year, I want to do it. I may fail again, I may not actually get anything organized. I may fail again in my goal of getting this off of the ground. But I will always fail if I never try. And I will be no closer to my goal of creating a community. I don’t even know where to have it? My new church, my old church, somewhere that’s not a church? Just in my house? OR maybe someone in my area is already planning on hosting one. I don’t know, but I do know I want to make this happen.

But I should probably tell you what it’s all about right, if I want you to come together with me about it and encourage me alongside it and help me to reach my goal, right?

I want to share my stories with other people. But more importantly, I want to hear other people’s stories. I want to soak in their wisdom. I want to grow the community around us.

The webcast is on Friday, April 24th and you watch that one on your own and then on Saturday, April 25th, you get together with ladies in your community to watch a second webcast and to be in community together. And registration is going live today! Here. And it’s free. And when you register you get a backstage pass to all the videos, etc, from the previous two years. And anyone who registers today is entered to win a free Allume conference ticket (that conference is different from in{RL} and happens in October instead of April). They are also offering a Giv(in)g opportunity. A chance for the community to come together and make a difference.


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