Midwinter Gaming Convention So Far!

I meant to post this yesterday and actually go again yesterday, but then I wasn’t feeling very well and was definitely not up to it. But here you are getting a recap!

Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary weekend pass as a media guest, but you know, I’m still going to be straight up and honest with you guys. 

So, I went to the first day of the conference – Thursday – and I have to say I’m pretty pumped! Thursday was definitely a bit of a smaller day, but it gives you a nice opening flavor for the conference.

I went and watched the people at Last Hope LARP (Live Action Role Play) set up and learned a little more about that. It’s a medieval times one and it looks pretty cool. I got recruited into Mordok camp almost right away. I may not be the best person to explain LARP-ing as I will admit most of my experience with it is other people doing it – I’ve never done it myself. But basically (and please someone correct me if I’m wrong) you create characters and dress up like them and pretend to be them. It seems pretty cool. You have fake weapons you can fight with. The people at the Last Hope room seem pretty cool. They are definitely friendly and I’m sure would love to teach people about it.

I also took part in the geek trivia contest. That was a lot of fun. I went by myself so I didn’t have a team to speak of – but we hodge podged a team together. We were Ty’s Fighters and we got best team name and we also took second place. It was a lot of fun. Leo, Ty, Lisa, and I had never met before, but we all had our specialties and the things we knew. You had your regular trivia questions with a geek theme, but we also had a music round where we had to name the video game the music came from, a picture round where we had to match the symbol with the superhero/villain it belonged to, and a match that catchphrase to the doctor it came from round (Doctor Who).

Here’s our team.

I also stopped by the huge board game room where they have alllllll sorts of games you can check out and play, including some kids games if you want to bring your kids. They are also having a huge board game raffle courtesy of the Milwaukee Company of Gamers so I recommend stopping by and getting yourself signed up.

This is just a small selection of what they have to offer and it’s definitely not too late to go! It’s going on all day today and tomorrow. There are still going to be lots of special guests around, including Team Starkid. It’s $15 today or $10 tomorrow and I think it is well worth it. There are so many things there you are sure to find something you like if you like games even remotely at all. And if you love them, well then you will fit right in. As always, you can find more on their website here.

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