30 Day Mom Challenge: Day 1

I really don’t know why I like to split these up, but I do. I like to stretch them out and make them last longer. I think it’s because then they pop up at times I least expect them. And also because if I’m blogging along, I would find it semi-dreadful and boring to blog about the same thing/topic for 30 days in a row. I need some spice in my life!

Anyways, though, I found this thirty day mom challenge here and while I will stretch it out, my goal is to eventually complete it. And blog about it, of course.

Day One: Ask “What is one thing we can do together this month?” 

This is not really a hard one for me because I try to on a regular basis ask what we can do together. We just got back from the Dells, which was a blast. My in-laws are visiting and they look us there on a vacation. It was SO relaxing. I had previously never been before and it was just so much fun and of course Dominic loved it. But it didn’t ask what we already did, it asked what we had plans to do.

Things I am hoping to do this month (and of course, this is not a limited list, it will be added to): visit TPOG to see Paula, get outside and play in the snow, play with animals!, go to the library, bake together for someone, and visit friends. I don’t know what else we want to do yet, but this is my start.

What are your plans for the next month?

Me wearing Allen

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