Finding a little inspiration from today’s prompt at the Daily Post.

This is what’s happening right now as I write this post, as Dominic loves to pretend to hammer things right now.

Nick is sick and I was sick on Monday. This leaves me just hoping Dominic doesn’t catch it and every time I hear Dom coughing I quickly glance over, afraid it’s going to be followed by puking and he will have caught it too.

It is cold outside and I miss the long days of summer where it stays light until late at night.

I’m still attempting to pick myself back up after someone last night who doesn’t even know me made hurtful, insulting comments. I think I’m over it but yet I can’t get it out of my mind.

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday – my whole week feels turned upside down.

Soon I will update what’s new with us and how the visit with my in-laws went (great is the short answer).

I wish you all health and peace. I always forget how for granted I take my health until I don’t have it.

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