James Bond Movie Challenge: Dr. No

I know I am doing like a million challenges, but to be honest, I enjoy them. They get me to stretch outside of my comfort things and try things that I might not otherwise. Plus, there’s the competitive nature in me that wants to complete the list.

So I’m taking on a movie challenge. I’m attempting to watch all the James Bond movies on this list. Believe it or not, I had never seen a James Bond movie until I was in college and then I think I fell asleep watching it because I really don’t know much about it. This is despite the fact that we owned a James Bond video game for GameCube. Though admittedly, I sucked at it, as I do most first person shooter games.

I am not sure if I have to say this or not for a movie that was made before I was born, but just in case: SPOILER ALERT below here for Dr. No.

First of all, you can tell it’s an older movie pretty clearly. Sometimes I can clearly tell they are using a green screen and the deaths are pretty fake looking. And the blood, oh man the blood. Haha super fake looking.

But setting all that aside – I mean I can’t fault them for technology that wasn’t around yet. I do love some things about older movies. Most of the women, for example, are dressed really classy in that old school style. Also a lot of them have really soothing voices, even the evil ones haha. And Sean Connery (who was young in these movies – I didn’t realize!! When I heard he was in it, I imagined old Sean Connery from like The Name of the Rose) looks super classy in a suit. There is a character named Quarrel and I always think they are saying Quirrel when they say that, but nope.

Dr. No is a pretty creepy villain. He reminds me a bit of like an evil Wizard of Oz with that omniscient creepy type voice. Also, the spider plot? Totally diabolical. I was so creeped out during that part. And then, he has no hands, he just has these creepy looking black hands.

There were a few plot twists and turns that totally jumped out at me – I didn’t expect, for example, when they were captured that they would be taken to this plush prison basically. But Dr. No should have known that James Bond wouldn’t flip and become an evil villain. That’s just not his style. I did like the name of his criminal organization though haha. Special Executive for Counter Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, Extortion – SPECTRE.

And Honey – of course – I wasn’t sure what to make of Honey. Like she seemed at times to be very competent and at other times seemed not to be. And why did they name her Honey? She did though clearly have a sad past, with being raped by her landlord and her father being missing, presumed dead. I had hoped when they got to the plush prison that they would find him there alive, but no such luck.

Plus, there was a big explosion on the end.

I have to say all in all, it wasn’t a bad movie. I probably wouldn’t watch it again though*, but it amused me to watch it once.

Check mark!

*Plus if I watched it again I’d have to see that big spider again. Umm, no thanks.

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