Mrs. Lindell’s Lamps

I’m linking up as a part of Friday Fictioneers.

I’m okay with constructive criticism but not mean criticism. Also, I know I’m rusty at writing fiction, but I’ve wanted to get back in the habit. It’s been a while though, since I’ve written anything this short, so try and keep that in mind. I have not written a ton of fiction since the birth of my son.

Mrs. Lindell’s Lamps

Nobody noticed she had died until the lights started to go out.

A local pastor volunteered himself and his teenage daughter to clean out the house. Cassie complained for a while in the beginning, but eventually she stopped and asked a question. “Dad, why did she keep all these lamps lit all the time?”

He shrugged and kept on working. He knew the lamps had come after Mrs. Lindell’s husband and son had died in a car accident. After a while, he said, “Sometimes all the lamps in the world can’t drive the darkness from your heart.”

Word count: 97 (not including title, though I guess with the title it’s 100 even).

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