10 Things for Tuesday – February 11th, 2014

I know I just did one of these, but I’m feeling like another one. There is just so much on the Internet worth sharing, as you can probably guess I feel if you are friends with me on Facebook. And I also know how much I appreciate when my content is shared. Seriously, if you love a blogger or blog post, share it, it makes them feel special. Anyways, as per usual, just things I found interesting. Enjoy and have a good Tuesday. 🙂

Ten Things: A Roundup Worth Reading

1. ‘Book Buddies’ Where Kids Read to Cats to Blame for Cute Overdose
2. Why P&G Changed the Tone of Its Ads This Year
3. ‘Chameleons of the Sea’ May Benefit Soldiers on the Battlefield
4. Sochi Z!
5. When Dolls Can Dream
6. B. C. Father Welcomes Healthy Newborn Son, Born Weeks After Wife Declared Legally Brain Dead
7. Shirley Temple, the Model Child Star
8. 15+ Sight Word Games for Kids
9.Teaching Kids to Organize Their Time
10.How to Build a Creative Environment

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