College Thoughts

It’s weird to me sometimes how much I think about college considering that I’m no longer in college. But college really changed my views on well college, and what I had thought it was, and how my expectations really, really did not match what I thought it would be like I would say probably 90-95% of the time. Regardless to say, it has made me think a lot about my college experience, what colleges should do and be like in the future moving forward, and what I want to encourage my kids to do when they are old enough to start considering that decision. And I know I’m not the only one. My friend Marla blogged some of her thoughts here (hoping she doesn’t mind me linking, but I don’t think she will 😉 ). I know I have lots of opinionated friends, so let me pose some questions about college to you all. Answer one or all of them or none of them, I guess, if you are going to be that way 😉

How do you feel about colleges? What was your college experience (or lack there of, if you didn’t go to college) like and do you feel it was worth it or do you regret it? Do you think college is the path that everyone should take or do you feel there are other legitimate options? What do you think we can do to make colleges better? (I’m hoping that even if you did have a positive college experience and feel it was worth it, you still can offer ways to improve it, since I think we always have to be thinking about ways to make things better, that’s how innovation and change happen.) And bonus question, if you had to tell a junior in high school just ONE thing about college, what would you tell them? (Interpret that any way you want to 🙂 ) And any other college-related thoughts you want to tack on, in case they weren’t covered by the other questions. 

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